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Sarah Downton

I began my lampworking obsession when I took a 2 day glass beadmaking starter course […]

Contact Us

You can contact individual artists via their websites, but if you have a general query, […]


After completing a college course in fashion design, Debbie spent several years designing and creating […]

Rowanberry Glass Art

Claire lives in Staffordshire with her husband and 3 demanding cats. She is a full-time […]

Mango Beads

Mango Beads came into being in 2005 when Amanda took a Glass Bead making beginners […]

Madeline Bunyan

Madeline has been making beads since 2006, graduating with a degree in Applied arts in […]

Mad Cat Glass

Many years ago I studied art, photography and textiles at art school. My studies and […]

Lush Lampwork

‚ÄúDespite no formal qualifications in art or design (not even so much as an O […]

Little Castle Designs

My bead making adventure started on Murano, during the summer of 2007. There was all […]

Lampwork Lessons

Many of the artists who are on the British Lampwork site have facilities for teaching […]

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