C Glass

Claire Simmons

It all started with someone making lampwork beads, and me endlessly talking about it to my husband, who decided to sell his quad bike and buy me the tools to make glass beads! The only problem we had was that the actual process is costly. So I then with the help of my husband, and his unique knack of knowing how to create the tools I needed, decided to set about learning the art of lampworking I actually started not with a glass gun but a welding torch, the flame from this torch is a lot smaller than the flame from a lampworking gun.  I do believe that this helped me learn quickly as there was no room for error. I am completely self taught, acquiring a thirst for knowledge, from the old fashioned method of reading books, and many hours of endless practice, My skills during my lampworking years have become stronger their fundamentals solid.

I have been getting to know glass and its waywardness since June 2008, learning its unique quirky character. Using these properties I’ve concentrated on developing a broad skills base including, making my own Millifore, encasing, and sculpting (with my avant-garde Animals) and much more. I work with many different kinds of glass, each producing different results, and have been told that I have a unique approach with colour, using , my work has often been referred to as colour therapy! Recently I have taken the first real steps of playing with silver glass and hope to expand this further!

Etsy:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/claireski74